Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kelly Calls for Swords Taxi Rank

Swords Sinn Féin reprehensive Conor Kelly has called on Fingal County Council to conduct a survey of Swords Main Street and access the possibility of building of a taxi rank on the main street.

While meeting local taxi drivers last week conor said “ you don’t have to be a genus to understand the need for a taxi rank on the main street, just take a walk down our main street, you will see numerous makeshift area’s used by taxi’s . This has to stop and Fingal County Council needs to address this issue

He also added “that not only will a taxi rank on swords main street improve the taxi service in the area it will also improve the flow of traffic because you will have taxi’s parked in one pacific place as apposed to all over the place as we see day in and day out”.

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