Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kelly Challenges North Dublin TDs and Senators Print their Expenses in this paper in the coming weeks

Tom O’Higgins the chairman of the House Of The Oireachtas Audit Committee and former senior partner at Price Waterhouse Coopers a man who’s CV is full of impeccable international credentials is due to resign. He has been trying unsuccessfully to reform TDs and Senators expenses in his position but has been blocked continuously by the slimy greed that makes up the establishment.

His key demands are:
 Introduction of vouched expenses for TD’s and Senators.

 Annual Cap on the amount of expenses any TD or Senator can pocket.

Failure to implement even these reasonable demands shows the height of the problem we face. His continued attempts at reform have lacked support even though Finance Minister Brian Lenihan called for all TDs and Senators to lead by example in taking financial pain.

I feel that Tom O’Higgins failure to find support for these reform measures from our TD’s and Senators shows the amount of greed, corruption and wealth that is to be found in the corridors of power. This tempts me to ask the question what do these guys have to hide?

I personally think they have something to hide given the fact that three of the last four Taoisigh have ended up in front of the planning tribunals been accused of corrupt practices.

So I challenge our North Dublin TD’s to print their expenses in this Local news paper in the coming weeks and show us if they are implementing Tom O’Higgins key demands regarding expenses and whether or not they are playing their part just like the rest of us in these hard times.

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