Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kelly Calls on Fingal to Follow Waterford Eco Friendly Example

Swords Sinn Féin reprehensive Conor Kelly has called on Fingal County Council to follow Waterford County Councils example by introducing more eco friendly litter bins in Fingal.

During a resent fact finding trip to Waterford Conor observed a solar-powered litter bin in Waterford City Centre that holds up to six times more rubbish than others of it size.
It accomplishes the feat of being able to take, depending on its size, between four and six times the amount of refuse of other litter bins because it compresses the waste once the bin is full. The so-called Big Belly Bin is the first of it kind in this state.

Conor Stated “The Big Belly is one of two environmentally friendly waste bins being sold by Ellicro Environmental. The other is a recycling bin for drink cans and plastic bottles called the Reverse Vending Machine. Like the Big Belly, the Reverse Vending Machine can compact the cans and bottles it accumulates. It can also be programmed to shred them.”

Finishing Conor added “I’m calling of Fingal County Council to explore those new Eco options and report back to me”.

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