Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kelly Challenges North Dublin TD’s and Senators to take Average Industrial Wage of the People

Tom O’Higgins the former chairman of the House Of The Oreachtas Audit Committee and former senior partner at Pricewaterhouse Cooper a man who’s CV is full of impeccable international credentials is due to resign. He has been trying unsuccessfully to reform TD’s and Senators expenses in his position but has been blocked continuously by the slimy greed that makes up the establishment.

His key demands are:

 Introduction of vouched expenses for TD’s and Senators.

 Annual Cap on the amount of expenses any TD or Senator can pocket.

Failure to implement even these demands shows the height of the problem we face. His Continued attempts at reform have lacked support even though Finance Minister Brian Lenihan called for all TD’s and Senators to lead by example in taking financial pain.

I feel that Tom O’Higgins failure to find support for these reform measures with Our TD’s and Senators shows the Mountain of Greed and wealth that our Country’s leadership is made up of.

I challenge all our North Dublin TD’s and Senators to play there part in these economically hard times we find ourselves and take the average industrial wage of the people of North Dublin as there salary and give the rest of there wage to Fingal County Council to be put into a contingency fund to help those people effected by the down turn in the economy.

I firmly believe (and I wouldn’t do this job if I didn’t) that any person who is give the privilege of presenting the Irish people should be willing and thankful to accept the average industrial wage of the Irish people. As seen with my Sinn Fein Colleagues in Leinster House. They represent the people in return for the average industrial wage of the Irish people €32,000.

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